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From: Volker Birk (
Date: 09/29/05

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    Date: 29 Sep 2005 06:26:10 +0200

    Justin Case <> wrote:
    > You're exactly right. In fact she said he is already suspicious.
    > I did suggest to her to take it to a forensic specialist.
    > But as you said, he'll know it's missing when
    > he comes home by 5:00 pm.

    They're living together? If they're just thinking about divorce, then
    perhaps they could go to a marriage guidance counselor. This would be
    a much better idea then copying hard disks or doing forensics.

    If the divorce is a fact already, she has nothing to do with the data
    on his computer. She has to keep her fingers off his data then, because
    she has to respect his basic rights.

    And: if all what you're trying to find out is pr0n, then this is a
    ridiculous discussion anyway. What's up with pr0n? If she has problems
    with human sexuality, maybe counselling would help her then really.


    MAC-Filtering bringt so viel Schutz vor "Hackern" wie Zeitungspapier vor
    einer Atombome. (MAC filtering is protecting against "hackers" like newsprint
    is protecting against a nuclear bomb)
                      - Christian Forler in

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