Sospected process with randomic alphanumeric name!!!
Date: 08/02/05

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    Date: 2 Aug 2005 02:17:15 -0700

    my sys: Win2000 sp4,ms beta antiSpyware, Sygate firewall

    In the taskmanager it appears a process (.exe) with a randomic name
    composed by numbers and letters for example AS4L05F.EXE or BEL01GT.EXE
    or other names that i'm trying to search on google groups without any
    I tried with Trend Micro office scan (Updated and with a resident
    shield) to scan the dir Temp in wich the .exe is situated, but nothing
    to do!
    If I try to terminate it on taskmanager, It doesn't stops!
    I know, it's a virus, troyan o keylogger, but I don't stop working.

    Here it is: nod2e7.exe

    System Information available in: 02/08/2005 09.42.55.
    [Task in execution]

    Name Path ID process Priority Working set min Working set max Start
    time Version Dimension Data file
    nod2e7.exe d:\winnt\temp\nod2e7.exe 836 8 204800 1413120 02/08/2005
    9.30.20 Not available 168,07 KB (172.099 byte) 02/08/2005 9.30.19

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