Re: Do I block access from svchost to DHCP?

From: Adrian (
Date: 06/15/05

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    Date: Wed, 15 Jun 2005 06:55:15 GMT

    David H. Lipman (DLipman~nospam~@Verizon.Net) gurgled happily, sounding
    much like they were saying :

    >| If one does not use IE6 nor OE, are the differences relevant?

    > WinXP SP2 containe IE/OE SP2. There is no IE/OE SP2 for earlier MS
    > Operting Systems.
    > Since the HTML capabilities of the OS are tied to IE then the fact
    > that you do not directly use IE or OE still means that that the HTML
    > vulnerabilities remain.

    Only if you use IE. Other browsers, which completely ignore IE, are

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