Re: Do I block access from svchost to DHCP?

From: David H. Lipman (DLipman~nospam~_at_Verizon.Net)
Date: 06/14/05

Date: Tue, 14 Jun 2005 21:39:00 GMT

From: "Walter Roberson" <>

| In article <N7Hre.8307$2K4.4103@trnddc08>,
| David H. Lipman <DLipman~nospam~@Verizon.Net> wrote:
| :From: "Walter Roberson" <>
| :| Is there a significant security difference between fully-patched SP1
| :| and fully-patched SP2?
| :There is a big difference in WinXP SP2 and SP1 which includes IE6/OE6 SP2 which is not
| :available for Win9x/ME and Win2K.
| David, I've re-read your sentance several times, but I am having
| difficulty in parsing it. Are you saying that IE6/OE6 SP2 is available
| for XP SP2 but not for XP SP1? I am thrown a bit by the
| 9x/ME and 2K reference ?
| If one does not use IE6 nor OE, are the differences relevant?
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WinXP SP2 containe IE/OE SP2. There is no IE/OE SP2 for earlier MS Operting Systems.

Since the HTML capabilities of the OS are tied to IE then the fact that you do not directly
use IE or OE still means that that the HTML vulnerabilities remain.

There are other pertinent changes in SP2 as well. This includes the XP FireWall and
recoding of some WinXP components.