Re: MSAS - "NS Keylogger Personsal Monitor (Key Logger)" Detected?!

From: Jim Jones (
Date: 05/02/05

Date: Mon, 02 May 2005 01:34:30 GMT

I assume that some virus/trojan has not infect unins000.

Spywareblaster is a product that competes with their anti spyware
software. They probably want you to remove spywareblaster and use their
product instead to help strengthen their monopoly power. The best
solution is to repace your operating system with one from a different

Jim wrote:
> Anyone else getting this message from Microsoft AntiSpyware Beta1? (yeah,
> it's misspelled "Personsal", not "Personal", just as in my title). Just got
> this for the first time this morning. Far as I can tell, didn't do anything
> different in past 24 hrs that would account for this. I'm wondering if an
> MSAS update perhaps is creating a false positive, since the file it
> complains about is:
> c:\program files\spywareblaster\unins000.exe
> SpywareBlaster uninstall program?!
> Jim