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From: Darko Gavrilovic (darkoDOTgavrilovicATutorontoDOTca)
Date: 03/25/05

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    Date: Fri, 25 Mar 2005 07:53:23 -0600


    Franklin <> wrote in news:961E6208F2A2271F3M4@

    > I am on XP Pro + SP1 and have taken out a trial of Outpost Pro 2.5.
    > I am finding it quite hard configuring this firewall. At the moment
    > my Opera browser gets blocked whenever my third-party clipboard
    > manager (Yankee Clipper) pastes a URL into the address bar.
    > Outpost complains about the clipboard utility trying to change a
    > component of the brwoser. Huh? I don't understand it and what's
    > worse i don't know how to prevent Outpost blocking the browser at
    > that point.
    > Can anyone advise please.
    > ---
    > On a larger scale, is it worth peristing with Outpost? As it seems
    > like quite a headache to get right.
    > I do NOT REALLY NEED FEATURES for mail attachments, cookies, ActiveX,
    > scripts, etc. Those things my I do well enough in the browser or in
    > my antivirus software and I don't have a MAJOR NEED for a second line
    > of defense against them.
    > As beackground I have used:
    > Sygate Free 5.5 and Sygate Pro 5.5 and both were ok (reporting is
    > better than others but I would have like even more reporting tools).
    > free Kerio (2.1.5) but reporting and user interface were always a bit
    > too tricky to use comfortably.
    > Zone Alarm Pro 4.5 but I continually get alert messages about
    > loopback and suspected application hijacking (EG when the
    > browser calls the emailer). Reporting is not good either.
    > Is it worth me trying a different firewall?

    Hi. I don't know what kind of reporting you need.I use Sygate myself. But
    have always thought the software firewalls more or less are very similar -
    except for windows firewalls, which are close to useless. Here is a link to
    comparisons. There are other tests if you google.

    If you are thinking of possibly adding an additional hardware device that
    acts like a firewall, you may get the added reporting you need. A Cisco 501
    is a little extreme.

    I try to find useful and user friendly implementations of Linux. I have
    found 2 products that are quite easy to use and have a nice friendly
    support community where you can aks questions an not recieve rude replys. I
    deploy both.

    smoothwall -
    build on linux. you can install it on a machine with quite low hardware
    specs, depending on the features you need. i have heard of people running
    it on a PII with 64mb RAM. A great way to re-use old machines.

    monowall -
    Build on bsd. Similar to above. More options and a little less user
    friendly. Added bonus is it's designed to work on soekris hardware thats
    optimized for firewall, router functionality and designed to be running

    In both cases you can extract very indept reporting from them.



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