Re: Spyware/Virus Infestation

From: Mike (
Date: 03/06/05

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    Date: Sun, 06 Mar 2005 06:10:33 GMT

    Do you know of an online virus scan site that'll work with Firefox browser?


    "Gerald Vogt" <> wrote in message
    >> Suggestions and methods to clean up this mess and to keep it clean are
    >> most
    >> welcome. Does the XP Firewall have a DMZ for game playing? Is there a
    >> site
    > Sorry, but the only reasonable thing in this situation seems to be a
    > complete reformat and fresh installation from CD. If the computer is well
    > infested it will be impossible to find and fix everything. Usually
    > backdoors of one malware will be quickly exploited by other malware and so
    > on. Each malware digs into system to make sure it is not easily removed.
    > The some of many malware just makes it more or less impossible to fix
    > that. So IMHO unless you are a malware-removal-pro I would say that once
    > you have 10+ malware programs on your computer you have a close to 0%
    > probability to get everything removed...
    > Regarding the XP firewall, you don't need a DMZ as you are connected to
    > the net anyway. You have to open the ports of the application that
    > requires to listen to the internet. That's should be it. Anything else
    > security-wise afterwards depends on how secure and safe the running
    > software is. I suppose there are many game servers applications out there
    > that silently implement back doors...
    > Gerald

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