Re: Critical error 101 on MS AntiSpyware install

From: Zach (
Date: 02/15/05

Date: 14 Feb 2005 23:49:18 -0800

> Since Microsoft just *now* started to care (it's 2005, and spyware
> been around for 8 or 10 years), I would run other anti-spyware
> programs with a lot more experience.
> are simply pieces of shit that find 10% of the spyware out there, or
> are afraid of lawsuits from "legitimate" companies like Gator.

Well I think you just hit the nail on the head on why a company the
size of Microsoft would wait on this issue. They have lead most issues
into uncharted water, and its ended them up in court for basically any
decision they make, and the rules being written as they go. Common
sense, and responsibility to their shareholders, dictates that on an
issue such as this that could have turned into a litigation nightmare
to wait and see if its a safe area to go into.

Not to mention everyone and their brother that is on the firefox high
horse (as you are below) bitches and moans about how big and mighty and
all that jazz that Microsoft is, then in the next breath bitches that
they dont provide all the little gizmos that firefox does, effectively
bitching that they dont stomp out all the little guys that make
alternative IE based browsers, or in this case bitch that they didnt
jump in to the field, and stomp out companies like lavasoft and others
- which they will effectively do to most before long now that they have
been drug in (lavasoft is big enough it probably will survive, or get
bought, but a whole bunch of much smaller ones went from profitable to
worthless the day Microsoft released their Free Giant acquired

> Never use Internet Explorer for *anything* outside your company's
> intranet.


Besides being more secure, Firefox and Mozilla are more W3C
> compliant and faster than IE.

Oh, tell ya what - I just happened to hit a page through a google link,
through an IE based browser that I made, and I was in the process of
testing it with out any of the extra shit I put in for protection, and
low and behold - Windows Help opens up - hum, wonder what that means.
(which is how I found this thread, had the same problem with Giant as
the first post) - I checked with Hijack this, and a manually, but felt
like running a system wide scan anyway. The only thing that was
modified was the my search url and my homepage - nothing else, no new
processes, nothing new in my start up files, nada - and why is this -
because the one thing that was on on my little browser was the little
gizmo that I put on to make it run as a normal user, even though I am
logged in as Administrator. Just use windows security, and not ignore
it, and amazingly enough - things are more or less secure. (I doubt
that if I was using IE proper, since I am using SP2 that I would have
even noticed the little BS thing trying to hijack me - as I said, I was
in a debugging session with mine so it had most of its security
stripped away)

...... W3C compliant

who gives a rats ass? Which browser shows more websites the way the
author intended is the only standard that those that are non geek/non
developers care about on that issue. Your Mother am willing to bet has
no clue what W3C Compliant means, but she probably can tell when a
webpage is all screwy looking because the author of the page did not
make it ever so perfect, but shows up fine in IE. Which standard do
you think is going to matter to her? and the other 90 percent of the
population? Some super geeks ode to perfection, or the page showing up
so it makes sense?

and faster than IE.

I hope so, IE is after all what, four, five years old? Though its
marginally faster at that, and again it all depends on the webpage.

> Microsoft's security responsiveness has been about as abysmal as
> possible.

Ya must live under a rock. Firefox is no safer than IE SP2, oh you say
well not all users will upgrade, well then lets play fair, and compare
the security of Mozilla from two years ago with the security of a
Windows/IE setup from two years ago - and see how it all shakes out.
Ya can not have it both ways, comparing the latest and greatest and
most secure Firefox/Moz build to persons Windows Install that they have
not upgraded since they installed it in 2002.