Re: Which LiveCD to use?

From: bensmyth (
Date: 12/26/04

Date: Sun, 26 Dec 2004 14:10:29 -0000

> >I believe Red Hat Linux (now Fedora) to be secure - that does not mean it
> >is!
> There were 1402 packages in RH9. The day after RH stopped support for that
> version, there were 307 replacement packages available fixing security
> problems, bugs, and providing improvements. (I no longer have a copy of
> the website lists of which was which.)

Do you class that as secure.... or unsecure..... ?!?

Something is only secure until someone else breaks it!
The fact that there are 307 replacement packages available, is a good thing!
It means Red Hat are security conscious!

> >I believe my Windows XP cd to be valid - it may not be, it may have been
> >tampered with....
> A commercially produced CD is rather difficult to alter. But don't you
> your distribution media in a safe place?

In practice yes!
In theory, no - there are lots of ways.

It wasn't meant to be a serious statement - merely an example of how do you
define secure. Nothing is ever 100% totally secure (except that PC,
unplugged, in a safe, 10,000m below the ground......) things need to be as
secure as required (or, as secure as you can afford...)