Re: Yet another reason to hate Yahoo

From: polar (
Date: 12/26/04

Date: Sat, 25 Dec 2004 21:57:46 -0600

Harry Krause wrote:

> It takes a few years for a child whose native language is NOT English to
> pick up the skills in English needed to be proficient in the second
> language. Ergo, insisting upon "only English" schooling for kids who do
> not speak or read it harms their education.
> A real answer is to insist upon bilingual education for every child,
> beginning in the earliest grades. Every child should learn proper
> English and proper something else. If that were the case, Americans
> would be far less xenophobic and more accomplished in the ways of the world.

Bilingual education might be a great idea for children who
are from immigrant families and so is teaching all kids a
second language but from a practical standpoint, it's very
very expensive.
In the Minneapolis/St. Paul school districts, there are kids
from families that cam from all over south-east Asia and
quite a few Mexican kids.
Because the Hmong are the largest group, there are some
programs for those kids, but overall, you're talking about
school districts where the budgets are already stretched
incredibly thin. Helping out the children of immigrant
families and requiring a second-language for all children
is a noble idea but who's going to pay for it?