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Date: 12/25/04

Date: Fri, 24 Dec 2004 18:10:41 -0500

"Leythos" <void@nowhere.lan> wrote in message
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> says...
>> Oh, I agree. But his comment wasn't directed toward the soldiers, it was
>> directed toward certain corporate entities which seem to be
>> Johnny-on-the-spot in these conflicts. One might think they benefit from
>> dead sons and daughters, hmm?
> I've been around for a long time, long enough to know that many people
> benefit from the great war machines, but, without those same companies,
> there might not be what we need in order to fight the fight. Ask
> yourself, who would step in and replace company XYZ if you were able to
> get them shutdown? Ask yourself, where would that leave us and our kids,
> if another company was not as well structured logistically to aid them?

Say that about Krupp and I.G. Farben about, oh, say sixty years ago.


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