Re: I am protected?
Date: 12/10/04

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    Date: 10 Dec 2004 00:21:40 -0800

    I would listen to all these guys and it probebly wouldnt hurt to
    actually find some hacker sites so that you can find the flaws and read
    about them as soon as hackers... or atleast script kiddies do anyway.

    Ever heard of the expression "The only safe computer is the one that is

    Also I think I would like to add one other tip. Don't make your self a
    target. Even if your computer is left open... such as only using the
    windows firewall and not having a router or some form of only basic
    protection, if you are not a target the worse thing that will happen is
    you will get a bunch of script kiddies pinging you.

    The set up you described is a pretty good one. Not unhackable mind
    you, but secure enough to keep the script kiddies out and probebly even
    mediocer hackers.

    Just don't go around calling people "noobs" or say things like "i dare
    you to hack me... biatch!" or generally being an ass cause a real
    hacker might come along and make you shut up.

    if you still arnt confident enough in this "dont make your self a
    target" deal... Kevin Rose... he is on a TV show about computers. He
    once set up a computer with ONLY windows update and the windows
    firewall. No router or other firewall. He announced the IP on air and
    asked people to hack it. Guess what? No one could!

    The point is, is that if your computer is out their in a sea of others,
    you have very little chance of being a target. If a guy with a less
    secure computer than you can go on TV and say the IP and dare people to
    hack it, then I would assume your pretty safe since no one was able to
    complete Kevin's request.

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