Re: Can a Computer full of spyware ever be cleaned 100%

Date: 12/09/04

Date: Thu, 09 Dec 2004 04:22:43 GMT

Da Dave ( wrote:
: Howdy!
: I made my first mistake of buying a cheap Compaq computer at a
: Wal-Mart. Right out of the box and on when I was first powered the
: thing on, it already had the blasterworm on it, I've never heard of a
: new computer having this on it, so I patched it and it ran alright.

New Windows XP systems will be infected by the blaster worm upon their
first connection to the internet.

Restore the disk using the Restore CD, and then follow this guide,
which is a PDF file:
    Windows XP: Surviving the First Day

    Windows XP: Surviving the First Day
    SANS Institute Internet Storm Center

   "Since its release, a number of severe security vulnerabilities have
    been discovered in Windows XP. These vulnerabilities are used by
    worms and viruses, making it impossible to connect an unsecured,
    unpatched system to the Internet for any amount of time without
    risking exposure and infection. Users of new computers are faced
    with the dilemma of being infected by these worms before being able
    to download the necessary patches.

    This guide will show how to install Windows XP securely, without
    being infected by these worms during the patching process..."

If the internet connection is broadband, buy a soho router such as
a Linksys BEFSR41 that provides NAT (Network Address Translation),
even if you only have one computer.

--Jerry Leslie
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