Re: Can't get ThinkPad T42 to connect to Netgear MR314 w/ 128 bit WEP

From: Airhead (
Date: 11/28/04

Date: Sun, 28 Nov 2004 07:01:54 -0600

What type of wireless is on the laptop, my t42 has a intel 2200bg,
using intel driver. COuld be with the work drive image
that it is using just a compatible driver, if so might help to update.

"Jeff Liebermann" <> wrote in message
> On Sat, 27 Nov 2004 23:48:38 -0500, "News Reader"
> <> wrote:
> >Oh, I might add that I don't think I'm even getting to the point
> >getting the DHCP lease failing would be to blame (where
> >RENEW might help get rid of an old IP) -- I'm not even getting a
> >at all (I either get a red X through the connection in the system
tray or I
> >get the "there are wireless networks available" notice -- but I
don't get
> >the confirmation that I'm connected to a network, signal strength,
> >
> >I've also tried going into the Network Connections control panel
> >right-clicking the wireless connection and disabling and then
enabling. No
> >luck there, either.
> Ugh. I was assuming that you were getting a wireless association
> (connection) and were dealing strictly with a DHCP issue. To
> troubleshoot a "cannot connect" issue, we need some info on your
> laptop configuration.
> -Do you have XP SP2 installed?
> -Are you running Wireless Zero Config in addition to the
> IBM Access Connections thing?
> -Is there anything unusual in the Device Manager (more red x's)?
> -Does your corporate configuration include a proprietary VPN shim?
> If you're getting the message "There's wireless networks out there",
> does your wireless routers SSID show up on the list when displayed?
> If so, your laptop is hearing the broadcasts. If it takes a while
> before the X appears and it fails to connect, it could be:
> -Bad WEP key. Use 5 chars for 64bit, 13 chars for 128bit.
> -Battle between Wireless Zero Config and your wireless card.
> Disable WZC under Control Panel -> Admin Stuff -> Services
> or temporarily with:
> net stop WZCSVC
> Drivel: You might wanna download and run Belarc Advisor:
> It's a free "inventory" program that generates a web page with all
> your hardware, software, versions, serials, updates, nicely
> If you don't know what IT shoved into your machine, this will tell
> you. From experience, imaged installs tend to be seriously out of
> data as to updates and bug fixes.
> >"Jeff Liebermann" <> wrote in message
> >
> >> On Sat, 27 Nov 2004 12:53:38 -0500, "News Reader"
> >> <> wrote:
> >>
> >> >I'll see if I have that IBM Access thing -- this isn't exactly
> >> >off-the-shelf configuration, so there's no guarantee that
anything that
> >> >comes installed with a T42 will be on there. The IT folks
re-image the
> >drive
> >> >with the stuff THEY want on there... but I'll take a look.
> >>
> >> I've run into exactly the same problem with other laptops and
> >> What's common is that W2K and XP are rather tenacious about
> >> the previous IP address. You go to work, get an IP address from
> >> system, come home, and it still thinks you're at work. You can
see it
> >> happen by running:
> >> Start -> Run -> cmd
> >> If it show the last IP addresses as assigned by work, some hot
> >> the hotel, or whatever, that's the problem.
> >>
> >> Reboot, snarl, banging on the keyboard does nothing. A few
> >> that work are:
> >> (wait about 5 seconds)
> >> and then run:
> >> to see if it worked.
> >>
> >> IBM has it's own profile manager which I assume works, as I've
> >> tried it. Instead, I use NetSwitcher:
> >>
> >> for manageing locations. I have a worse problem. I have to have
> >> laptop ready and configured for every one of my custmers LANs.
> >> time I counted, I had about 70 different configurations stored.
> >> have VPN's, some use LDAP directory services, a few Kerberos
> >> authentications, some proxy servers, some multiple protocols, and
> >> few protocol shims. Of course the names or IP addresses for
> >> delivered devices, such as SMTP email servers, change at each
> >> location. It's a nice mess that NetSwitcher solves.
> >> for really drastic changes, Netswitcher requires a reboot, so it
> >> sometimes turns into a time burner. I try to switch
> >> before I arrive.
> >>
> >>
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