OT can't read posting.

From: \ (dvader_at_deathstar.mil)
Date: 11/25/04

Date: Thu, 25 Nov 2004 15:36:21 -0500

For some reason, the postings from "andy smart" are not being rendered in my
news reader (OE 6). The body is blank and there are two attachments,
"ATT00055.txt" and "signature.asc." The .txt file contains the message and the
.asc file contains a PGP signature. I don't have any form of PGP installed, but
I have never had any problem reading PGP encoded postings before. Do you have
any idea what is going on?

Dave "Crash" Dummy - A weapon of mass destruction
crash@gpick.com?subject=Techtalk (Do not alter!)

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