PhD Scholarship Opportunity: Melbourne, Australia

From: Serdar Boztas (
Date: 11/02/04

Date: 1 Nov 2004 21:32:26 -0800

APAI Australian Postgraduate Award (Industry)

RMIT University
School of Mathematical and Geospatial Sciences
Discipline of Mathematics and Statistics
Information Security Group

This scholarship is funded by an ARC Linkage-Projects grant and
will provide support for 3 years (starting as soon as possible
in late 2004) on a full-time basis for a research project leading
to a PhD in Mathematics.

The objective of the research is to develop a
high-securitycryptosystem (preferably using hyper-elliptic curve
theory) and find more reliable fingerprint authentication schemes such
that they can be incorporated
into a resource limited mobile device to form a scalable
for the purpose of secure e-commerce applications. The mathematics
PhD candidate will work on the mathematical aspects of the project,
in collaboration with the rest of the team who will work on the
computer science aspects.

Applicants must have proven skills in mathematics and should have a
good first class honours degree in any of the following subject areas:
mathematics, statistics, physics or engineering. Additional
strengths in algebra or combinatorics or programming is an
advantage. Applicants with good Master's degrees in science
or engineering will also be considered. Applicants must be
Australian citizens, Australian permanent residents or New
Zealand citizens. The tax exempt scholarship stipend is
$23,556 pa, plus allowances.

For further information, contact Associate Professor Serdar Boztas
(Phone 3 9925 2283; Fax 3 9925 1748;

Applications including curriculum vitae, academic record, work
experience, proof of citizenship or permanent residency, and the
names, addresses and emails of at least two referees should be
sent to:

Associate Professor Serdar Boztas,
Mathematics and Statistics,
RMIT University, City Campus,
GPO Box 2476V,
Melbourne 3001, Australia

Applications close on 10th November 2004.

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