Re: Secure File Transport

From: Colin McKinnon (
Date: 10/05/04

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    Date: Tue, 05 Oct 2004 21:35:17 GMT

    Michel Bardiaux spilled the following:

    > Omegamon wrote:
    >> Greetings All,
    >> I am looking for guidance in finding a product that will
    >> allow me to collect data in a secure manner. I have a large
    >> number of suppliers that I currently push/pull data to/from
    >> with ftp. Ideally, the product will support sftp and https
    >> as well as perhaps have a client that may allow restartability
    >> of transfers as well as providing indicators specifying
    >> guaranteed delivery.
    > rsync with flag '-c'

    I'd agree that rsync works really well for certain types of replication. For
    simply moving files around though (without installing software on other
    peoples machines) I use curl scripted with PHP (but there's no reason not
    to use Python, Ruby, bash...or even something as esoteric as Perl) to
    script it. Haven't come across anything with good sftp support (but I've
    never really liked sftp anyway).

    For push mirroring over FTP, I like PushSite - but then I'm biased - I wrote
    it. has some links to other replication



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