Cease and Desist Order (was: SafeBoot BROKEN (and instantly withdrawn))

From: Frank Slootweg (this_at_ddress.is.invalid)
Date: 08/17/04

Date: 17 Aug 2004 09:11:24 GMT


Leythos <void@nowhere.com> wrote:
> In article <20040816145448.60F0B11593@mail.cypherpunks.to>, Use-Author-
> Supplied-Address-Header@[127.1] says...
> > My postings will continue,
> > however, it is unlikely that I will respond to you further.
> If your message was real, and the facts were correct, you would not have
> to hide behind an Anon account - they can't do anything if you post
> facts, they can't argue facts, but, you don't have any, have not
> presented any, and don't really seem to have a leg to stand on.
> As long as you keep posting your crap I will keep warning people about
> what a little weasel, disgruntled, non-technical, whiner you are (IMO).

  In the name of all the crap, weasels and whiners in this world, I
strongly object to your implication that the OP's postings conform to
the high standards which we value and practice! We therefor *DEMAND* an
immediate and full retraction.

Frank Slootweg,
CEO, President, Chairman and Head CrapWhiningWeasel,
CWW Inc.