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From: Mike (
Date: 07/27/04

Date: Tue, 27 Jul 2004 14:43:59 +0100

Leythos wrote:
> In article <ce5hqk$16p$>,
> says...
>>Leythos wrote:
>>>In article <ce54oo$njp$>,
>>>>Leythos wrote:
>>>>>In article <ce3vcn$824$>,
>>>>>>You only need Windows licenses for file and print services on the local
>>>>>>network. IIRC there are no licensing limits for FTP access. It is also
>>>>>>perfectly possible with a little effort and planning to run a secure FTP
>>>>>>server on a MS Windows machine.
>>>>>Actually, if you provide authenticated FTP access, using NT accounts,
>>>>>then you need one per user that authenticates with the server. If you
>>>>>use Anonymous access then none are needed. With third party services,
>>>>>that use authentication, not NT auth, you don't need additional licenses
>>>>>for the NT based server (NT means any Windows Server OS).
>>>>Hmmm my understanding was that SMB connections require a CAL whereas
>>>>other types of connections do not and that licenses were for data access
>>>>not authentication.
>>>>seems to bear this out.
>>>If you use an NT account for authentication it requires a license for
>>>each active account that is in use - if you have 5 CAL's you can have 5
>>>FTP users connected simultaneously (4 if you are running services as
>>>Administrator on the server).... If you are using Anonymous accounts
>>>then it's open to any number of users.
>>Do you have a source for that information? Everything I've found so far
>>points to the contrary. Next time I have to call Micrsoft Licensing I'll
>>ask the question though.
> Just the Great Lakes Regional Office (here in my city) where I've spent
> hours with them going over Licenses for new installations and such. MS
> does not make understanding Licenses an easy thing. When I called their
> main number, in Redmond, to ask about Licensing for SQL 2000, they
> actually told me to take the agreement to an attorney and ask him. When
> I told the GLRO that they were flabbergasted and spent a couple hours
> with me going over all license types so that we could make sure our
> customers got their systems licensed properly.

better point them at;en-us;151307 and get
them to correct it then. It makes no distinction between authenticated
and anonymous ftp access and just says you don't need a CAL for FTP.

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