Re: **Secure** Ftp server

From: Leythos (
Date: 07/26/04

Date: Mon, 26 Jul 2004 13:35:00 GMT

In article <>, "\"Crash\" Dummy"
<> says...
> >Hi Dave :-) I agree with this, although I've tried the filezilla ftp server
> >( which afaict seems robust enough; btw as
> >you know there's no "surefire" solution, but the filezilla seems ok
> Hi, ObiWan. Slumming? :-)
> I am not familiar with Filezilla, while I have of course heard of it. I have
> always used Microsoft, but hesitate to mention it lest the MS bashers pile on.
> As I said, any well known server will do the job, if set up correctly. It just
> comes down to a matter of personal choice. The idiot behind the keyboard is
> still the controlling factor when it comes to security.

I use ServerZilla (FTP Server) on my Windows 2000 and 2003 servers - It
provides a much better interface and more control over the FTP users
than MS FTP does. You can set passwords, directories, performance,
etc... I've been running SZ for almost a year with 2 public facing FTP
servers and not had any problems.

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