Re: Windows vulnerability vs Linux vulnerability [Re: Would a firewall prevent Sasser worm?]

From: Bernd Felsche (
Date: 05/07/04

Date: Fri, 07 May 2004 21:54:59 +0800

Leythos <> writes:

>In article <c7f3h1$>, "Jörn W. Janneck"
><jwjanneck at yahoo dot com> says...
>> since, surely, nobody in their right mind wants to spend that amount of
>> money for something that they could replace for free, now would they. (on
>> amazon: xp pro 179 to 269 + office 124 to 419 + outlook 86 + nav 59 +
>> quickbooks 139 to 289 = 587 to 1122, and that's USD) but i am sure that
>> there is some feature in, what was it, quickbooks, that is not in gnucash,
>> and that just happens to be absolutely essential to this "mother-in-law."
>> and if it's just the ability to read quickbook files.

>Well, lets take a look at this - since we're talking about people that
>are doing it on their own, we're talking about people that must know
>enough to purchase OEM copies instead of retail. Heck, if they know
>enough to find/download/install Mandrake and Open Office and then find
>GNUCash and install/import they know enough to get OEM.

>Windows XP Prof OEM: $140
>Office 2003 SBE (Access, Word, Excel, Publisher, Outlook) $241
>Total cost $381

>Open Source:
>Time to find Mandrake 10 Beta 15 minutes
>Time to download - 2 streams 4 hours each - 8 hours total 3 ISO images
>Burn to CD - 4 minutes each

Why? Buy SuSE or ask a local Linux user group to burn copies.

>Wipe computer you just downloaded from - 15 minutes

Not necessary. The existing partions acn usually be resized to make
room for a Linux install.

>Install Mandrake 10 - Guessing 1 hours for first time?

SuSE takes about 15 minutes on a reasonable P4, choosing only defaults.

>Install Open Office - Guessing 15 minutes first time?

>Get Travan 40 tape drive working - 2 hours

Why? Because it takes that long to get going under Windows?
Detected by SuSE Linux. No extra work.

>Restore backup of data - nope, used Tapeware for backup
>Find Tapeware for nix - download it
>Figure out how to install it - 30 minutes
>Restore backup of data - Yea, (no time since it would be the same on a
>Windows box)

You love making work for youself, don't you? If there's a hard way,
you're sure to find it.

>Find GNUCash - 15 minutes

On the SuSE media.

>Install GNUCash - 15 minutes

On the SuSE media. Default install.

>Restore QuickBooks backup file - not sure if we could

Que? Quickbooks doesn't exist. It hasn't been purchased.

>Relearn office tasks - about 30 minutes over the week.

>TOTAL TIME 14 hours, 6 hours if we don't count downloads

>Pay rate $25/hr * 14 hours = $350 base cost
>Pay rate $25/hr * 6 hours = $150 base cost

Crikey; slave labour rates!

>So, if we account for all of her time to download and setup
>Mandrake 10 and Open Office it's about a wash, even if we don't
>count the time she takes to be around to monitor the FTP,
>Mandrake/Office solution is only half as cheap as the MS solution.

Sorry; your assumptions are baseless and your conclusions

You're counting download times that aren't necessary and *making*
work that only results in frustration.

>In reality, the Mandrake / Open Office solution is going to cost
>her much more in relearning time over the next 6 to 8 months as she
>learns more about it and tries to do the same things she did on
>Windows base.

It'd be very nice if the world stood still and nothing changed. But
then Bill Gates wouldn't make any more dough.

>Once you look at the cost, it's not much difference, it's about
>comfort and ease of use, and for someone that already knows the
>Windows base it's not worth the effort.

SuSE Linux 9.1 Pro costs $89.95 for the full edition with all the
manuals. Overnight (Fedex) brings that to a "grand" total of

Which is still less than the cost of only Win XP Pro.

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