Re: Passwords file cracking

From: Ford Prefect (restaurant_at_end.universe)
Date: 03/16/04

Date: Tue, 16 Mar 2004 20:02:07 GMT

Ajay Sabnis wrote:
> Well thank you mr high and mighty. This is one task i need to address
> for my dissertation. This is not a concern of your. if you do not have
> anything constructive to say, keep your mouth shut. thanks.

You are most welcome...

Your questions indicate that you are not that versed in the field of
security, which begs the credibility of your question and your claim
of it being part of a "dissertation"... anyone doing a serious
security dissertation would not be turning to this newsgroup for such
information as there are a myraid of sources already available to any
serious security researcher... and all can be readily and easily
searched with but a few keywords... something which is obviously
beyond your grasp.... if you truly are doing a "dissertation" and not a puny,
self-inportant highschool assignment, you will know how to proceed.

> Ford Prefect <restaurant@end.universe> wrote in message news:<4056A7A2.3020303@end.universe>...
>>Ajay Sabnis wrote:
>>>I am creating a passowrd generator app that will create a number of
>>>random passwords and store them in some basic encrypted format in a
>>>plain txt file. I have 2 question i need urgent help on (dissertation
>>>deadline approaching!!):
>>>1. Does anyone know of any password cracking software that i can feed
>>>a plain txt password file into and it will give results? Any
>>>suggestions how this would be done?
>>Have you bothered to read any of the threads on these newsgroups...
>>....there have been alll sorts of discussions on this...
>>And try learning how to use a search engine....
>>>2. The generator will must encrypt passwords in the same manner the
>>>cracker will encrypt its guesses(dictionary attacking). any comments
>>>on what this may be?
>>Kinda defeats the whole purpose of the exercise, doesn't it?
>>>Please note, the purpose of this is an empirical testing on passwords.
>>>The platform passwords security issues are not important. However, i'm
>>>running windows.
>>Given the cconditions you are requesting, what exactly is your
>>"emprircal testing" supposed to accomplish? This doesn't look like
>>anythinga "dissertation" would address...