Re: Looking for quantifiable data on the effects of disasters on business (mostly financial services) for 2003/2004

From: Ford Prefect (restaurant_at_end.universe)
Date: 03/11/04

Date: Thu, 11 Mar 2004 07:55:53 GMT

Novice wrote:
> I'm doing some research on the cost of things like:
> - viruses
> - unavailability
> - black outs,
> - identity theft
> and the subsequent lost revenue - whether it be from:
> - regulatory costs associated with loss of productivity
> - lost business
> - etc
> So very quantifiable data from 2002 and 2003 (if I'm lucky some data
> from 2004).

Learn to use a search engine... all the information is out there if
you stop and think for a nanosecond...

> Basically this will all amount to a justification of Disaster Recovery
> Plans.

That's not how you justify a disaster recovery plan. A DR plan is an
immediate response to a situation only. Learn something about risk
assessment and risk analysis before you venture into this field...

> I would appreciate any references people could give me to quantifiable
> data of this sort - my budget is pretty limited - no surprise - but
> feel free to offer suggestions.

Like I said, learn how to do an internet search... its all out there
if you stop and think about what keywords to use...

>> I've managed to find a reference to the Disaster Recovery Journal and
> am trying to get a copy of it in Toronto, Ontario, Canada - does
> anyone know how I could get a copy relatively soon - for example is it
> likely that the University of Toronto will have a copy?

Gee, da ya think that a library might have it? If you need to ask on
a newsgroup if the U of T library might have something, then you
probably won't be let into the place to begin with... (and before any
of you decide to jump down my throat for that comment, access to the U
of T libraries are usually restricted to students, faculty and
alumni... the general public is not usually permitted access).

...ever think of trying the pubic library?

> Thanks,
> Novice

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