Re: Using Old OS for Security

From: Johnson (nospam_at_nospam.invalid)
Date: 02/23/04

Date: Mon, 23 Feb 2004 09:28:21 GMT

Micheal Robert Zium wrote:
> Duane Arnold wrote:
>>Micheal Robert Zium <> wrote in
>>> Todd H. wrote:
>>>>Duane Arnold <> writes:
>>>>> Windows 9'x and the ME O/S are root based O/S(s) that were never
>>>>> meant to be on the Internet. The NT based O/S(s) are meant to be on
>>>>> the Internet and can be configured for security.
>>>>> It's as simple as that.
>>>>Pay heed to what Duane has said.
>>> You're kidding, right?
>>Shock someone and make a post that means something other than your crying
>>about me making a post with a binary file attached to it.
> I guess you can't read. Not surprising. If you _really_ wanted to
> shock someone, you should actually post about _real_ firewalls, and
> not that broken record crap about Active Ports and hosts files.
> Are you mad at me because I said something to you about posting a
> binary to a non-binary group? You shouldn't be mad, you should be
> embarrassed. You should be embarrassed about your ignorance and
> arrogance. You should be embarrassed because you called Steve Gibson
> a clown, yet you can't explain why, except that you saw someone else
> put him down, and you decided to parrot their opinion.
> I have three simple questions for you:
> 1. Why do you think Win9x computers "were never meant to be on the
> Internet"?
> 2. Why do you think Steve Gibson is a clown?
> 3. Are you one of the "Trackers"?
> C'mon, Debbie isn't ashamed to admit it, why should you be?

What he should do, and everyone should do, is killfile your ass.

>From your headers:

X-No-Archive: yes

That means that you can say things on the Usenet but they won't become
part of the archives and you can deny it later.

That says a whole bunch about you.