Re: New AOL Instant Messenger virus/trojan???

From: Greg (
Date: 02/11/04

Date: 11 Feb 2004 08:32:40 -0800 (Scott) wrote in message news:<>...
> Hey, I got a link from a friend that said something along the lines of
> "Sadaam Escaped" and took me to some videogame. I
> didn't think anything of it until all my friends seemed to be getting
> links to the game that I did not send. Does anyone know about this
> virus/trojan and how to remove it? The thing appeared
> both in my start menu and my add/remove programs but it did not remove
> them when I tried. Thanks
> Scott

Removal Instructions:

Go to "Start"

"Control Panel"

" Add Remove Programs"


Remove PSD Channelup

Remove The program that starts with PSDT

Remove Buddylinks

If installed remove all Wild Tangent software


Download and run's Spyware Remover - FREE Trial


Reboot your machine after you have completed all of this.