Re: Warning about tracking software?

From: E. (
Date: 02/10/04

Date: Tue, 10 Feb 2004 08:12:44 GMT

Daisy wrote:

> Pardon my naivete, but I got a pop-up window in IE that says:
> "Warning. Important Message!!! Microsoft Internet Explorer. You are
> seeing this message because we have detected that you have tracking
> software installed on your machine. ... click here for a free scanner
> ..."
> I suspect that this is fictitious and is just a way to get me to click
> on something that will download a virus or worm into my computer (I
> didn't like the three exclamation points after the "Important
> Message!!!", for example).
First, kudos for not blindly clicking at everything that appears
on-screen, and taking the time to ask.
If it's not a 'normal internet explorer window' then it is likely to be
messenger service (not MSN messenger) spam.
I would suggest a product like outpost from (lotsa
features, including web pop-up killers) or zonealarm from
Both have free versions, if your are a noob than zonealarm is a good choice.
> Now for my question. Since this appeared in a popup window and not a
> normal Internet Explorer window, is there a way that I can view the
> source for this pop-up window the way I can for a normal IE window?
> I'd just like to check where clicking is going to send me instead of
> actually clicking. Maybe I can eliminate ever getting popups from
> them again!?
> Thanks,
> Daisy

If it *is* messenger service spam, no, unless you do a netstat within
seconds of recieving it.