ezASSESSMENT, New Concept to Assess Physical Security on Buildings and People

From: Ing. Angel Le?n (angel_at_wedoit4you.com)
Date: 12/30/03

Date: 29 Dec 2003 17:42:51 -0800

Eng. Angel Leon

Usually when we speak about security software, or security services on
the internet, we come across with Computer network security, database
security, antivirus, anti-spyware, etc. If you don't believe me, try
googling 'security software'. But what can you do if your concern is
the physical security of the building?, safety of your employees, your
family, an airport, the water we drink, or the bank you usually visit?

A search about security software on the internet will yield
information about database security, computer network security,
antivirus software, anti-spy ware etc. Rarely does a security software
search generate results about the physical security of a building, or
an individual. Since this technology is new and not abundant most
internet search engines will not find it. In fact the only company to
do Security Audits and Vulnerability Assessments via web interface is
Straec Technologies.

As it is, Security Consultants will be the only people available to
Assess your security, if you know nothing about security prepare your
pockets to be emptied, cause these guys are usually former FBIs,
Architects or Engineers with masters in security. So its very
important to make the right decisions, following this kind of advice
is costly and sometimes these experts want to sell you security
systems like cameras, doors or locks. On the other hand it can be even
more expensive to take care of security by your own hand, you might
end up with unbearable costs in the future by purchasing security
systems that promess to be cheap, but maintainance and operation costs
can be out of reach.

The Straec Technologies Initiative

Manuel Rodriguez, Straec Technologies CEO, had the brilliant idea of
taking traditional risk and vulnerability assessment techniques and
incorporating them into a system that people at large can use. With
the help of security experts, IT personal (from wedoit4you.com),
Straec Technologies created ezASSESSMENT™, an affordable solution,
that is proactive and continuous; works for any organization that is
looking to increase their security level and diminish potential risk.

Straec Technologies has developed a web based program, ezASSESSMENT™
that facilitates the implementation of security decisions. Straec's
ezASSESSMENT™ can be used by both the public and private sector
looking for an effective way to monitor their vulnerabilities, self
assess their current security and obtain specific and prioritized list
of security measures


ezASSESSMENT is a Web Based system, which requires no instalation,
only by having a Web Browser is enough, it could be Internet Explorer
or Mozilla (it even works on Linux), you can start assessing the risks
and security vulnerabilities of the organization right away. The
system will not only do that, but it will also make the best
recommendations so you make the correct investments in security, or
simply give you advice for you to change the way you do things, or let
you know how very simple details can make the difference, lowering
risks levels, and eliminating possible costs you don't need to face.
Currently ezASSESSMENT has knowledge bases for Schools, Chemical
Plants and Security for Executives that travel or live in high risk
countries like latin america, and it also has a Best Practice feature,
with files, and news, to let people interact with each other sharing
their experiences or similar troubles with security issues.
ezASSESSMENT is currently developing Knowledge Bases for
Transportation, Residential Buildings, Points of Sales (to avoid
credit card frauds), Airports, Bridges, and others.

Until the introduction of ezASSESSMENT™ the only way to assess
security issues was by hiring a security consultant that will cost at
least $20,000. This fee does not include the equipment that they
recommend you buy such as security cameras, locks etc. Many times the
supplies that they recommend are the products they recommend, so the
information they are providing you is bias, making this process very
expensive and unattainable to the public at large. Although,
ezASSESSMENT™ is beginning to change this process.

For the first time, the public at large can conduct security audits
and vulnerability assessments via the web for a low fee of $125. This
fee will give you access to ezASSESSMENT™, enabling you to create your
own audits and vulnerability assessment for 1 month. The process is
easy, fast and effective.

wedoit4you.com in ezASSESSMENT
As an option, ezASSESSMENT customers can take their Audits directly on
the site, because there are questions that will be answered better if
you're standing in front of what's being asked about. wedoit4you.com
has developed for Straec Technologies the ezASSESSMENT Pocket Audit
software, which synchronizes the audits with ezASSESSMENT main server,
that way the users can take hundreds of questions to the site, and do
audits without dealing with paper and pen to do this.

Pocket Audit works under several connectivity modes, from connecting
the Pocket PC to its desktop cradle, to using Wi-Fi (802.11x), CDMA1X,
GPRS and soon EDGE. The software uses 128bit encryption technology and
other safety measures to keep secret and intact this delicate
information about the customer security

ezASSESSMENT Pocket Audit
Developed by wedoit4you.com for Straec Technologies

Besides Pocket Audit, we've contributed with different tasks within
this American Enterprise, which is the administration and update of
the www.straec.com web site, and the development of a B2C eCommerce
tool for ezASSESSMENT, as well as some CGI scripting needed for

Flash demo for ezASSESSMENT - Addressed to all American Schools

wedoit4you.com produced a multimedia presentation for Straec
Technologies, which shows the benefits and how ezASSESSMENT works for
American Schools. This presentation was developed by our Art Director
and Graphic Designer, Ronnys Castro (which also helped the company
create all their Corporate Identity). The making of this presentation
took only 2 weeks, illustrations, animations, texts, voice sampling,
sound editing and many other things were done to accomplish this demo,
which will help Straec position itself inside the educational sector
within the United States.

The system is being used in 11 latin american countries by
multinational corporations to help traveling executives raise their
security levels while they go through high risks locations. Some
schools have started assessing their risks and vulnerabilities to help
their staff and students be safer, and the results and answer from
Straec Clients has been the greatest.

( Click on the image to see the flash demo - Turn on your speakers,
English Audio Available )

If you are interested on trying ezASSESSMENT, visit www.straec.com for
more information. Straec is located in the US, but helps businesses,
organizations and Governments in all the world.

Paper on Security Planning with Risk Assessment Models by Dr. Mitchell
Rycus from the University of Michigan

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