Win XP Home Ed. Install, WPA, and Partitioning Questions

From: Reticulum (
Date: 12/21/03

Date: Sun, 21 Dec 2003 04:30:23 GMT


         Will be making the move to Win XP, Home Ed. as soon as Santa brings the
new PC down the chimney. Here are a few questions on partitioning I hope someone
can answer:

        1. Will XP allow a dualboot install even if no other OS is installed ?
                  ( That is, say yes to dualboot - but load the 2nd OS later).

        2. If XP is loaded already(out of the box), can Dualboot still be done ?

        3. Will XP require another WPA if XP is installed twice - once for
            each boot option ?

        4. Whether or not the Dualboot option is used, If a HD Partition is
             created will this be a large enough "change" such that XP will
                   call for another WPA ?

        5. If any such additional WPA's ARE needed, is this OK considering
                  I have only *one* license ? (Will MS baulk at giving new WPA?)

        6 Any other unruly behavior from XP I might expect on this?

 So you should see by now that the desired option is to leave most of the PC
as the Family Computer as Santa intends it -- But to create a more secure 2nd
area/partition running DCPP or BestCrypt or such along with other programs
of similar ilk. Since spreading passphrases,etc. over entire family is dubious
and not needed anyway, this seems best solution.



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