Re: HELP! I need Sygate to permit inbound UDFs

From: J Jay (
Date: 12/08/03

Date: Sun, 07 Dec 2003 23:57:06 GMT

In article <944AE4EC65F7B835A@>,
> I am using Sygate Pro 5.0 with XP Pro and I have been having getting
> a lot of trouble connecting to the Net.
> I notice in the Sygate traffic log that
> C:\WINDOWS\System32\Drivers\ndisuio
> issues a UDP but that the UDP reply from the remote end is blocked by
> Sygate.
> How do I permit those responses to get through Sygate?
> Sygate refers to the rule which blocks the incoming UDPs as this:
> ....C:\WINDOWS\System32\Drivers\ndisuio
> [The dots are mine to permit legibility]
> How do I disable the rule which this is referring to?
> I can't find it anywhere! :-( Help.
Hi, Your log is showing that the connection is being blocked
by an Application Rule. Go to the Applications Window and find
this application listed. Right click it and then click Allow in
the popup window. Go back to the application listed and click
(highlight) it. Click advanced. In the popup window check to
see if there is a port number problem. There should be either
no port numbers or if numbers are listed, they should agree
with the port numbers listed in the traffic log for this
attempted connection.