Re: ISPs can easily decrease net abuse

From: Laurent (
Date: 12/05/03

Date: Fri, 5 Dec 2003 09:40:46 -0500

JF Mezei wrote:
> Laurent wrote:
>> virus/trojan that either I, or someone on our lan got.
>> The funny part is that I *have* an up-to-date Norton
>> antivirus, and an up-to-date AVG antivirus as well
>> (testing both).
> Pardon the lack of diplomacy here, but I kind of laugh at
> people who need virus checking software.

I also lack at people who need firewalls. I mean, if all your software is
vulnerable, why connect to the internet in the first place? there's no
point for firewalls or virus checking software.

Face it, Mr Mezei, things are not always the way you would prefer. Of
course i'd be a happy camper doing my programming work on a linux box and
my graphic design on a Mac, but it's not going to happen. In the company I
work for, the platform is windows. So i got the best of them, windows 2000.
I armed myself with antivirus software. I keep everything freaking patched
up to the elbows, including office which most people tend to forget.

Yeah sure I could write my emails in notepad and send them through
sendmail.exe or something, but you see, I need some sort of groupware
thingy that actually works with my collegues and clients and suppliers, so
I got myself Office. Sure I would write my papers in Abiword and work up my
numbers in Gnumeric in a shell from my home X server, but why would I?

The point is, I need an anti-virus because i need to use software that
needs anti-virus.

> If your applications are so vulnerable to viri that you
> need to spend mega time keeping some anti-virus software
> uptodate to ensure it protects you, why do people
> continue to use those applications that are so vulnerable
> to viri ?

No, they are not. But you see, i am a good computer user. I am on top of
things. My network was never brought down by anything else than power
failures, my computers were never brought down for anything else than
maintenance. I am a good admin and I do my job right. Therefore, I put
anti-virus software and firewalls and other preventive measures to ensure
that the chances are reduced to an acceptable minimum.

> Software is suppoosed to work FOR you. Not the other way
> around.

Well then, why don't you write some software? Maybe you could make this
world a better place if you could come up with a replacement for Office
that works great and that the regular receptionnist can figure out how to
work with without calling the IT department every 12 minutes. For now
though, nobody came up with that. Well there's always Lotus Notes but
that's another discussion thread altogether.