Re: co-worker spy annoyance

From: Leythos (
Date: 11/27/03

Date: Thu, 27 Nov 2003 18:02:15 GMT

In article <bq5dlm$kn1$>, roberson@ibd.nrc- says...
> In article <>,
> Leythos <> wrote:
> :I was almost with you until you went off track and posted about video
> :and the expectation of privacy. In a company, you should not have an
> :expectation of Privacy when using the company network (I didn't say
> :anything about the bathroom).
> You said "their hardware, their network, their system". Is there
> something special about computers such that owning a computer
> gives a company more legal monitoring rights than over any other
> kind of equipment such as photocopiers, staplers, jig-saws,
> microwave ovens, phones, or bathrooms? If the legal basis is solely
> "Company owned so the company has a right to monitor" then that
> same principle applies to bathrooms and showers as well. Either
> there is a counter-principle in law that gives privacy protections
> in some cases, or there is not.

The discussion was started ABOUT COMPUTER/NETWORK use - nothing about
the company car or toilets was mentioned. If you look at the sentence
you can clearly see that Hardware was a reference to their
computer/systems/network - I don't consider the bathroom to be in the
hardware category in (COMP means COMPUTER).

There is NO counter principal here - the network and computers belong to
the company and are under the full control of the company. They can and
are permitted to monitor anything they want in the network.

If you can't address the issue that the person posted about, then why
even reply?

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