From: Marco (tozzio_at_hotmail.com)
Date: 10/16/03

Date: 16 Oct 2003 10:54:26 -0700

Hi to every body...

I actvate Task manager and I seen that if I use a Pentium 2 233 MHz
EtherLink XL PCI TPO NIC this PC work at 100 % if trasmit butes using
IPSEC. And this happen if I comunicate with a Pentium 2 350 MHz, Intel
PRO/100+ PCI and if I communicate with a Pentium 3 450 MHz, úCom
EtherLink XL 10/100 PCI TX NIC.

If the computer recive the bytes using IPSEC it usually work at 85 %.

I use 3 DES and SHA 1. I know that 3 DES is a simmetrically algorithm.

Why the utilization of CPU is different if I recive o transmit?!