Re: 2nd hand RSA SecurID tokens + ACE server

From: /dev/null (/dev/null_at_spamfreeworld.uni)
Date: 08/28/03

Date: Thu, 28 Aug 2003 14:35:20 +0200

The seller claims that they are 1 year old.


  - Brendan

Lassi Hippeläinen wrote:
> How much lifetime is left in the used tokens? IIRC the official battery
> life is three years. And there's no way to replace it without breaking
> the token.
> -- Lassi
> /dev/null wrote:
>>For a small office (my wife can 3 of her colleagues) I like to implement
>>one time based token authentication. I'm currently OPIE/S-key for remote access
>>which works ok but is not particularly user friendly.
>>My thought is to convert these users to token based authentication possibly
>>without paying $ 10k. On Ebay you can buy RSA SecurID Tokens, they are
>>reasonably prices ($7 p/token), I still have an old Sun Sparc 20 around with
>>Solaris 2.6 which could run as an SecurID/Ace server.
>>Does anybody know if it's possible to buy a 2nd hand SecurID/Ace server + licence
>>and configure the tokens bought on E-bay to authenticate against this server like
>>I propose. Or would I run into problems with either the licencing agreements with
>>RSA or with something like the the token seed decryption?
>>Thanks in advance,
>> - Brendan

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