Re: Commercial sniffer?

From: sam (
Date: 08/15/03

Date: Fri, 15 Aug 2003 17:50:50 +0800

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> |> Perhaps you should be more specific about your requirements?
> |> Technologies, events per second, needs for remote probes, need
> |> for data analysis.
> :Thanks, I m looking for an ethernet sniffer only, with data analysis.
> You have specified "commercial", but you have given no information
> as to why. Is there a particular feature you need that is not present
> in non-commercial packages such as "ethereal" ? Is it just a matter
> of commercial support, or a fancy GUI? Do you need high rate
> such a gigabit ethernet? Are there particular ethernet protocols
> that you need fully decoded, such as IPX?
I only prefer it can do data analysis.

> Oh yes, and what platform does this need to be for? Or are you
> looking for a front-line ethernet testing device such as a Fluke
> OneTouch ?
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prefer run on Linux/BSD.