Re: Which service to stop to prevent people from accessing my pc

From: DaWulf (
Date: 08/13/03

Date: Wed, 13 Aug 2003 12:38:16 -0400

Perhaps you (or someone else) have installed VNC or some other remote
control software (MS Terminal Services) on your box. You mentioned that
your install was from a "standard company image." Maybe someone should
examine that install image and see what besides XP is getting installed.

Are you actually witnessing the mouse moving around and so forth? There
maybe a script that your Sys Admin has setup to delete certain things at
specified intervals.

I suggest that you exercise caution when downloading things from the
Internet. You might also look into getting some software to check for

Also, I assume that you have some anti-virus software installed with the
latest virus signatures?

--- DaWulf
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