Re: [NEWS] Hacker code could unleash Windows worm

From: sigsegv (
Date: 07/30/03

Date: Wed, 30 Jul 2003 14:22:19 +1000

Mike wrote:

> On Mon, 28 Jul 2003 12:50:06 -0700, Neb Revod
> <> wrote:
>>In article <I58Va.526$>,
>> says...
>>> In article <>, Neb
>>> Revod <> wrote:
>>> >You called it, spot on, my friend. The IDS has logged a huge spike in
>>> >attempts at ports 445 and 139 since early yesterday.
>>> >
>>> >I've been away from the mainstream media for the last couple of days,
>>> >so I won't be surprised to hear that its flooded with "the sky is
>>> >falling" reporting.
>>> Oh-so-balanced an observation on the hysterical basis of our current
>>> media choices, followed by a hysterical note of your own:
>>> >It ought to be some kind of crime, albeit a minor one perhaps, to
>>> >operate a system that still has these vulnerabilities.
>>> More appropriate would be to make it a crime to connect to the Internet
>>> without a firewall.
>>Fair enough, though I hardly feel like my comment qualifies as
>>hysterical. I firmly believe that the irresponsibility of operating an
>>unsercured system connected to the net borders on criminal.
> Is leaving your house unlocked a criminal act?

No, but leaving your house unlocked will not cause every other house in the
street to be burned down or burgled.

> Instead of punishing the innocents, why not go after those who are
> breaking into systems and stealing the system resources?