Re: The Tao Of Backup: End of postings.

From: Ardeacinco (
Date: 06/24/03

Date: Tue, 24 Jun 2003 10:13:36 -0400

Damn shame. The website is informative and pointed.Plus all the "evil"
marketing stuff at the end where you just CLOSE THE BROWSER if you don't
want to see it. In fact it's more then informative, it's useful. I email it
to the design staff whenever that start to whine about backing their work
files at the end of each day to the server so it can be backed up.
 So now all you whining little jerks are going to deprive new readers of a
useful website, instead I am sure you will replace it with links to utter
crap you feel are important.

Of course when I get ol self righteousness feeling I my post it myself

"Ross Williams" <> wrote in message
> Hello,
> I've just received an email complaining about my
> quarterly postings about the Tao Of Backup website
> and accusing me of spamming. The emailer did not
> provide a valid reply address, so I am replying
> here.
> In the past I have defended my Tao Of Backup
> postings because I have received so much positive
> email about the Tao Of Backup and so few
> complaints about my postings that, on balance, it
> seemed a good thing to keep posting to let new readers
> know about the site. Also, my postings have been
> way below the threshold for newsgroup spam as
> defined by metrics such as
> However, as spam is now such a huge problem in
> email and news, and as I certainly don't want to
> contribute to that problem to any degree, I have
> decided that it is now time to err on the safe side
> and cease posting. Not posting won't do anyone any
> good, but at least I can be sure I won't be doing
> any harm.
> To those who have found my Tao Of Backup postings
> spammy or annoying, please accept my apologies;
> there will be no more. For those who have found
> the postings helpful, thank you for your supportive
> emails.
> Ross.
> Dr Ross Williams (
> PS: I hope I won't annoy anyone by posting *this*
> message, but it seems to me to be the most unambiguous
> way to let readers (and the person who emailed me)
> know that the postings will cease.

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