Re: The Tao Of Backup: End of postings.

From: Nicholas Bachmann (
Date: 06/23/03

Date: Mon, 23 Jun 2003 01:05:02 GMT

Ross Williams wrote:
> In the past I have defended my Tao Of Backup
> postings because I have received so much positive
> email about the Tao Of Backup and so few
> complaints about my postings that, on balance, it
> seemed a good thing to keep posting to let new readers
> know about the site. Also, my postings have been
> way below the threshold for newsgroup spam as
> defined by metrics such as

I think the Tao of Backup had good stuff in it; but, on the other hand,
I always thought it was sneaky. It looked informational and turned out
to be marketing. I think I would feel more comfortable with ToB if you
were to at least indicate in your post that it was marketing material
and not just helpful andvice... (I could see... "Warning: I am trying to
make money from you.").

> However, as spam is now such a huge problem in
> email and news, and as I certainly don't want to
> contribute to that problem to any degree, I have
> decided that it is now time to err on the safe side
> and cease posting. Not posting won't do anyone any
> good, but at least I can be sure I won't be doing
> any harm.

Congradulations on being one of the first commercial posters I've seen
on c.u.a not to get mad when it was suggested what they were posting was
Spam. That earns you a bonus point from me.

> To those who have found my Tao Of Backup postings
> spammy or annoying, please accept my apologies;
> there will be no more. For those who have found
> the postings helpful, thank you for your supportive
> emails.

Like I said above, if you'd just make it very clear you had a commercial
purpose in providing the information, I don't think anybody would mind
too much if you kept posting. Like other people said, you've got good
info, it just left me feeling a little violated when I finished the ToB
the first time and at the end:

        The novice became suspicious and said: "Master, is all this 'Tao of
Backup' stuff just so you can sell more copies of Veracity?"

        The master said: "Now you are truly enlightened."

At least you're a somewhat honest businessman... *grumble* some of the
vendors out there *grumble*.

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