Re: PTR? what the heck is it?
Date: 06/09/03

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    Date: Mon, 9 Jun 2003 21:45:53 +0000 (UTC)

    Dimitri Maziuk <dima@> wrote:
    > John Joot sez:
    > ...
    >> i've noticed that if i check-mark all (including 4 a & b), my mail server
    >> will reject valid emails frm my friends' work place.. ie. it would reject
    >> the subdomains of since it is probably an internal domain
    >> or just the naming scheme of a particular computer desktop in the office.

    > Yep, those checks will block legitimate e-mail coming from misconfigured
    > hosts, so their usefulness is questionable (you can try to get remote
    > sysadmins to fix their systems, or you can ignore the fact that you're
    > losing legitimate mail, but IRL usually neither of these is acceptable).

    This has to balanced against the reception of spam. Filtering out a thousend
    of spam messages and loosing a few mails from domains run by cluless
    admins might be worth it.

    There is clearly a limit of "how bad" a site can be run and still
    be recognized as a peer whom we want to communicate.

    The point is to notify the cluless admins that "their domain stinks" and
    give them a chance to fix it. Those who don't care - well i personally
    could manage without them.

    > Dima
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