Re: Security of Hotmail Popper program

From: John Joot (
Date: 06/09/03

Date: Mon, 09 Jun 2003 14:58:07 GMT

as a rule of thumb, i'm always wary of programs that would act as an
"intermediate" in order for you to access something normally...

judging from the link that you provided,, it appears
that this little program, not only allows you to access hotmail using pop
via a client such as eudora or outlook, but also acts like an smtp server
whereby you are probably open to relaying...

this is my first impression and without further experimentation, i cannot
say for sure that this is what's going on...


"ccomp" <> wrote in message
> i've discovered a program that lets you download hotmail messages onto
> Netscape but reading these links has a lot of technical computer terms
> that I don't understand.
> Is this program working on my machine only or does the company behind
> the program still have involvement in it so that they end up knowing
> my user name and password as I use the program when it's acting as the
> collector before I get it onto my hard drive??? (hope you've
> understood what I'm saying.........)
> Here are links to the programme and other descriptions of it.......
> also, if anybody knows about it can you describe to me what happens?
> thanks !

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