Re: Please help - security

From: Walter Roberson (
Date: 05/24/03

Date: 24 May 2003 18:22:38 GMT

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colbyco <> wrote:
:I've heard of software that can be installed on a pc so that if it is
:stolen, the pc phones home via IP when dialed up or cable connected and in
:theory you can recover your computer.

:Also, I'm assuming that since this is a software package, replacing the hard
:drive or deleting the mbr through low level format will defeat this

:In that respect, are there any hardware solutions or can we register the
:system board/cpu etc with a security company so that that they will phone
:home via IP when dialed up or cable connected if the desktop pc is stolen?

You would prefer a hardware solution to a software solution in case
someone replaces the hard drive. Replacing the hard drive is, though,
a hardware change, and if they make that hardware change they can
make other hardware changes such as removing any visible
security device, replacing the BIOS prom, etc..

You might wish to consider a slightly different approach: putting
a GPS or remote tracking unit into the computer, so that you can
find the computer before it even gets stripped for parts.

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