Re: newsgroup security?

From: Walter Roberson (
Date: 05/24/03

Date: 24 May 2003 05:59:02 GMT

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Space Man <> wrote:
:What's wrong with top posting?

It makes it very hard to follow context when one gets into multiple
levels of responses. It is much easier to follow responses that
are infixed next to the particular section being referred to.

Top posting is also usually accompanied by quoting the entire previous
posting, instead of clipping down just to the necessary context.

:I like it much better. I don't have to
:scroll down to see the new message.

And you follow how many different message threads a day? Some of
the newsgroups I follow are now receiving over 900 messages *per day*.
I'm reading several hundred messages per day over all of the groups
I follow. Seeing the context is a -lot- more efficient mentally
than reading a complete new response and trying to remember *exactly*
what each of those several hundred postings is referring to.

:Is bottom posting an unwritten preference in newsgroups?

No, it's a written preference.

: If yes why does
:what is without a doubt the most widely distributed reader in the world set
:up to top post?

You are probably referring to Outlook Express. It's a Microsoft
product. Microsoft has gone on record in court as not liking to
adhere to standards because doing so affects its "ability to

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