Re: Someone storing their MP3s on my hard drive???

From: Steve (
Date: 04/27/03

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    Date: Sun, 27 Apr 2003 13:14:35 +0100

    In news:Xns93685A15FE9E1jbuserspc9org@,
    Jem Berkes <> typed:
    >> Found today 3 Gigs worth of MP3 files on my computer. Is it possible
    >> for someone to just store their files on my hard drive? How do I
    >> prevent this?
    > Don't bother trying to find out how someone got in. They either
    > guessed a password and logged in over the internet,

    If this were the case then you should add some steps to your points below

    > or exploited some
    > out of date software running on your computer, or took advantage of a
    > virus/trojan already on your system, etc, etc. WHAT YOU MUST DO NOW:
    > * disconnect the computer from the Internet
    > * back up any important data you want to keep
    > * re-install the OS, all apps from scratch (wipe out original HD)
    > * after re-install run Windows Update repeatedly until you are
    > completely up to date. Install any service packs your OS needs.
    > * install a firewall; try to avoid software firewalls if possible. An
    > old computer can be configured as a firewall using linux or you can
    > buy a dedicated hardware firewall.
    > * after you have a working firewall, then connect your machine to the
    > net

    If it is a windows box, disable file & printer sharing, ideally uninstall
    the server service, disable netbios over TCPIP, disable the remote registry
    service, disable messenger, disable run as service. Yes a filewall can
    prevent this but only is configured correctly, best to disable/remove
    unncessary services

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