Re: May America lose the Iraq war

From: Paul Repacholi (
Date: 03/20/03

From: Paul Repacholi <>
Date: 20 Mar 2003 19:41:15 +0800 (Rob Young) writes:

> It would be almost impossible for a pilot to control an aircraft
> flying low to the ground at 500 miles per hour - the speed of the
> aircraft that hit the World Trade Center in New York during the
> Sept. 11 attacks - because of the pressure waves that would be
> created, the study says.

Horse shit. When you are i ground effect, ie within a span or two of
the ground, it is in fact easier to control. Ask any ag pilot.

> Terrorists also would not be able to crash an airliner into the top
> of a reactor, where the protective shell is thinnest, because the
> airplane would probably break apart at such a steep angle and high
> speed, according to the study.

It would be VERY hard, but by no means impossible. Don't forget
that you are flying a `use once' profile, so you don't care about
overloading or other issues.

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