Re: May America lose the Iraq war

From: Patrick Scheible (
Date: 03/19/03

From: Patrick Scheible <>
Date: 18 Mar 2003 16:54:00 -0800

"Bill Todd" <> writes:

> <> wrote in message
> news:b57rug$12hu$
> > In Arthur T. Murray <> wrote:
> > > Just as it would have been good for Nazi Germany
> > > to lose World War Two immediately upon starting it,
> > > likewise it will be good for the USA to lose WWIII.
> >
> > Arn't the current scenario to kick a modern hitler ( saddam) out
> > of power ?
> Nope. While Saddam is beyond any shadow of a doubt a nasty ruler, his
> nastiness is, and has been for a dozen years now, confined to his own
> country - and there's no particular reason to kick him out while ignoring a
> couple of dozen other similarly nasty rulers spread out around the world
> (except that he has demonstrated a fairly significant ability to create
> opportunities for the U.N. and/or the U.S. to make fools of themselves - but
> that's more their fault than his, let alone a capital offense).
> The real shame is that there is someone who better fits the role of Hitler,
> and that's George W. Bush: he is a demagogue who plays upon the fears and
> biases of his country's people, he has repeatedly demonstrated disdain for
> the rest of the international community and the established instrument of
> its functioning (the U.N.), he has acted as an international bully (and
> outright liar) in attempting to gather support or at least to minimize
> resistance to his plans, and he is embarking upon an unprovoked and illegal
> war of aggression under the guise of compelling national interest (think
> about the invasion of the Sudetenland).
> And do you believe that keeping saddam in power will
> > save more lifes then kicking him out with a short and lethal stroke ?
> Hard to say. But what's not at all hard to say is that such decisions are
> the sole responsibility of the U.N. Security Council, not of any one or two
> nations.
> >
> > Or do you believe that it was wrong that america started war
> > agains hitler ( which eventually kicked out the nazis ) ?
> Your knowledge of history seems a bit skimpy. The U.S. entered WWII when it
> was attacked by the Japanese, and retaliated in clear self-defense. Since
> the Japanese were allied in their war with Germany and Italy, we fought them
> too.
> - bill

You seem to be leaving out a step too. A day or two after Pearl
Harbor, Germany declared war on the U.S., not the other way around.
Germany hoped Japan would attack the U.S.S.R. in return (but they
didn't). At that moment, the German invasion of The U.S.S.R. was
going very badly for Germany. If Germany hadn't declared war against
the U.S., the U.S. might have fought only Japan, at least until Japan
was defeated.

-- Patrick

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