Re: Super Anti War Computers

From: Bernd Paysan (
Date: 03/10/03

From: Bernd Paysan <>
Date: Mon, 10 Mar 2003 14:42:33 +0100 wrote:
> I'm not worried about bad ruling. I'm interested in mess prevention.

A lot of the mess in middle east is due to US interventions. Remember
Mussadegh? Social democratic (and elected) leader of Iran, attempted to
socialize the (British) oil company. Swept away by the USA shouting
"communist" in 1953; they installed Pahlevi as dictator (which he already
was before). And that was just the start (they took over from GB, which put
their boots down on Arabia earlier). The USA wasn't able to clean up
Arabia, but increased the mess there by quite an amount. Saddam and Bin
Laden are just other creatures of this messing around with people and

The first that dies in a war is the truth. I'm quite surprised at how little
the USA is lying today. Perhaps it's the inspectors which could disprove
any big lie, like large troops to Saudi Arabia or children being killed
(big lies to start the 1991 gulf war).

Somewhere before 9-11, a think tank discussed about turning the US army into
an preemptive intervention force to "clean up" all over the world. Doing
so, they concluded, would either require a lot of time, or a new "Pearl
Harbor". And then came 9-11. Remember that "Pearl Harbor" not only stands
for a shocking unexpected attack, but also for intelligence who well knew
about that attack before, but did let it happen in order to turn the
people's opinion around.

Since you obviously voted for Bush, why not start mess prevention now,
before it is too late? Hand him over to Den Haag, we'll care about him.
Preparing an attack war is a sufficient crime. Our sentences are modest, no
capital punishment, no baseball rules, comfortable cells.

Followup to alt.politics.bush, where discussions like this belong to.

Bernd Paysan
"If you want it done right, you have to do it yourself"