Re: Toaster to Generate Random Numbers

From: Guy Macon (
Date: 02/01/03

From: Guy Macon <guymacon+" ">
Date: Sat, 01 Feb 2003 00:53:37 -0800

Carlos Moreno wrote...

>In fact, even more philosophically, some could argue that
>"randomness" does not exist in nature, and that it is only
>a theoretical concept in our minds. Everything is predictable,
>only that there are many things for which we don't have the
>means or the capacity or the knowledge necessary to predict
>it, so we call them "random", "unpredictable".
>After all, one could argue that given the *exact* values
>for *all* the phisical parameters (speed, position,
>electrical charge, etc.) of every single particle or point
>of matter one second after the "big bang", then you could
>(theoretically speaking) determine the *exact* state of
>the universe *at any given time* (i.e., position and
>speed of *every* single particle in the universe).
>Sad notion, isn't it?

It might be sad if it were true, but it isn't true.

"The more precisely the position is determined, the
less precisely the momentum is known in this instant,
and vice versa."
                                  -Werner Heisenberg

You are confusing "Philosophy" with "Physics I don't understand."