Re: Best program to fully wipe hard drive

From: Walter Roberson (
Date: 12/09/02

From: (Walter Roberson)
Date: 9 Dec 2002 05:01:56 GMT

In article <3df4172b$0$1638$>,
A. Avery <> wrote:
:I want to find the best program to fully erase and wipe a hard drive, so the
:next user cannot access any of my files.

:Any recommendations? Warnings? Advice?

This gets discussed to death every month or so. The summary answer is
that what you ask cannot be done in software. If, though, you were
willing to settle for the possibility that one of the three-letter
agencies might still be able to access your files (using equipment
that is -rather- expensive), but that would be essentially impossible
to recover by software, then there are a number of possible programs.

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