Re: SRVLOC multicast packets

From: Alan J. Flavell (
Date: 11/22/02

From: "Alan J. Flavell" <>
Date: Fri, 22 Nov 2002 13:21:52 +0100

On Nov 22, inscribed on the eternal scroll:

> Still not quite sure why MS didn't utilize the private multicast space for
> this purpose.

Server location protocol is an IETF protocol, with an RFC and so on.
It's not MS-specific. I'm not really competent to go into any detail
about it, but you can see rfc2165 and/or 2608.

> If its only the TTL stopping it from going any
> further it wouldn't take much to change that (assuming of course your
> network is multicast functional)

Well, there _are_ known problems with using ttl limits to control
multicast scoping. I'm told the modern way to do it is to use a
multicast address in the appropriate administratively-scoped range.
But the general server location address is registered in a ttl-scoped
range. I'm really at the edge of my expertise, so you'll excuse me if
I don't pursue this in any kind of detail.