Re: credit card security -no padlock

From: John Elsbury (
Date: 11/19/02

From: (John Elsbury)
Date: Tue, 19 Nov 2002 03:09:24 GMT

On 18 Nov 2002 13:47:23 -0800,
(dazedandconfused) wrote:

>It all looks kosher on the front-end, but you have absolutely no idea
>what happens to your credit card information beyond that. It could be
>mailed out in the clear to someone or stored in a database that's not
>adequately protected from hackers.


True, but are you not overstating the risk? Every time I use my
credit card *anywhere* I am running the risk that some bad person may
capture the card details and then use that information to attempt to
pay for goods. Fortunately, if that happens, I just have to tell my
issuer that I dispute the transaction and they, in turn, tell the
retailer to provide proof that the card was present when the
transaction was carried out. If they can't, then the money gets
clawed back and my account gets credited. I don't see internet
purchasing as being more risky *to me* than in-store purchasing.

The worst that can happen, surely, if your card details are
compromised in a big way is that you would have to cancel that card
and get another one issued on a different account. This is thoroughly
inconvenient, of course.

>I have one credit card dedicated to online purchases and just make it
>habit to check the card activity online on a weekly basis.

That seems an excellent idea.

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